Monday, August 29, 2011

A letter of thanks to Art Janov

On Hypnosis (Part 20/20)

Hi Art,
Thank you so much for republishing your 20 excellent and pedagogic articles on Hypnosis. It has been for me a much-needed education which has taken my understanding on the human conditions a few steps forward.
When I look back and see my life in a development and survival perspective, I think that I have used self-hypnosis as an important tool. Already in my teens I replaced my father's authority with other authorities, gurus, authors, etc. (fortunately often with a democratic, intellectual touch even though, objectively seen, there also were elements of enlightened despots). With these father substitutes, I had constant debates in my head, and I let them tell me how to act in many critical situations.
In this manner I always have had a few "hypno therapists" to pull out of my hat. And You, Art Janov, became over the years one of them. A fascinating thing is that when I look back at those who have meant something to me and “acted” as my hypno therapists, they coincide in much with my father; strong, good looking, intelligent role models, who have been able to “show me the way”. These gurus/hypnotists “showed” me an unconditional respect and support. That way, I avoided my fathers conditional treatment.
One of the countless memories of “self hypnosis” is when I in the mid 90ies went through my most difficult and revolutionary primals, which definitely turned my seizures into birth primals. Being under tremendous pain with my body starting to “move by itself”, recalling memories from the reptile brain, Art Janov was with me in my mind, telling me: “Go with the feeling Jan, go with it!! I went straight into a feeling of horror between life and death, and I came out, as liberated human being after a struggle which often lasted 1-2 hours.
Without your education about what was going on and without my ability to use you as a “hypno therapist” it would never have been possible to feel that humiliating, terrifying pain. I’m still flabbergasted what I put up with.
The self-evidence and the lack of hesitation in your primal theories combined with your personal appearance established the unconditional support which created and gave me mental guidance to let out and live the pain.
Love Jan