Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Prerequisite For Love: END OF POVERTY!

Comment on Janov’s Reflections: On the Beliefs that Kill 

A Prerequisite For Love: End Of Poverty!

It is easy to come to common conclusions with Dr. Janov’s analysis; about what happens to religiously / ideologically distorted brains, for lack of affection / love. They commit murder, hoping to be admitted to an imaginary religious community of love "behind the Gates of Heaven." However, I would like to add some comments to Janov’s experienced-based analysis. According to my interpretation, Janov bases his analysis on psychotherapeutic experiences of phenomena of survival reasons, which take place in our brains influenced / propelled by unbearable pain.  My additions may become extra sensitive due to Janov's background as an American and a Jew. He applies the analysis to current religiously-based terrorist acts against for example Jews in Paris and against children in parts of a war-torn Arab world.

Dr. Janov has recently in a “Reflection” held that we are all products of the evolution that has as its overall goal reproduction, for the survival of the (human) species. In a world populated explosively in the last century, there is not yet resources for general primal therapies. Nor does there exist adequate security for giving everybody the affection and love that prevents the tragic murders of economic, political, religious, and these factors related causes. We live, however, in a world that develop “better and faster” than most people think and have insights into, and I recommend a study of the following link:

We are shocked by the tragic terrorist acts carried out by poor, often outcast and unloved, adolescents influenced / addicted and temporarily “drugged” by religious beliefs. They are part of a revolution that has often been triggered by tribal hostilities, made worse by so-called liberation wars to exploit oil and further fueled by greedy arms exports from the so-called developed countries. West's behavior has little regard to cultural and developmental differences. When frantic and desperate terrorist actions emerge, then we are mastering indignantly the pain propelled / distorted brains of the terrorists, about our “free speech” and our quality of life. The reactions, politically understandable, are, on both sides, multifaceted and comprehensive; each side defending their point of view, their beliefs.

However, charity = love begins at home! And how does it look at home in the world’s leading democracy? In the US, there have, on average, during the last 30 years, been committed 18.000 (official) murders and 90.000 (official) rapes PER YEAR. Democracy in the United States has segregated the society so skillfully, with political and economic instruments that it looks like a metaphor in order to demonstrate Herbert Spencer’s concept of the survival of the fittest! Oddly enough, this happens despite the fact that only 12 percent - one in eight people - think that evolution should be taught without mentioning a creationist alternative! If the world follows the US example, then we will end up with a global figure of about 400.000 murders per year… that may be lower than it is today…

Love as the foundation for a long and happy life in the service of evolution is so far a luxury for the few and the prioritized.

Jan Johnsson

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Evolution and Creationism / The Book of Genesis.

Evolution and Creationism / The Book of Genesis.

I certainly enjoy Art Janov’s Reflections about how repressed / imprinted pain compels us, both short and long term, to experience life in surreal conditions. The pain propels abnormal vital signs, wear down our bodies prematurely and “make us go crazy on different levels of evolution and brain maturation.”

Inspired by Art, The Primal Principle / Evolution in Reverse, I have over 40 years, gained practical insights into how repressed pain works and distorts, but that the pain with patience can be re-lived. I did not understand that the outside world (and then I include everyone from my nearest environments to the world at large) did not do as I did, struggled to get free from their imprinted pain. Since then I have realized that I have been lucky in misfortune, who was exposed to a birth trauma / pain which developed into epilepsy. My fits, seizures, and hallucinations could not be repressed, except with strong, toxic and mind distorting, however, lifesaving medicine. They forced me to seek the help of Dr. Janov and Evolution in Reverse, so that I, eventually, could enter / re-live my repressed and wordless pain.

To select Evolution in Reverse as a treatment method is deeply linked to a conviction “that we are the evolutionary result of all history, personal and ancient.” I would never trust a religious believer, who lives by the Bible’s creation story / Genesis and the commandments, at the same time, to be a reliable Primal Therapist. Possibly, he / she can be an interesting PT patient seeking a cure for his / her pain propelled religiosity. My heart rate flew up into the 70’s when Art expressed his surprise that the Catholic Church has priests / specialists who recognize / root out the devil. It takes One (a pain propelled Catholic priest) to know One (the devil). Their roles / specialties are both pain propelled products of the same evolution. (The head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, was appointed Person of the Year 2013 by the US news magazine Time. Without making other comparisons, the same magazine appointed Adolf Hitler, Person of the Year, in 1938.)

More than 100 years ago one of Sweden’s most talented personalities, the skilled biologist, scientist and Darwinist Bengt Lidforss got his career seriously disturbed by the bishop, acting university chancellor and devil worshiper Gottfrid Billing. In his book, “Why Evolution is True”, Jerry A Coyne tells us that anti-evolutionism, still today is very strong in the US and on the rise in England and Germany! 

In 2006 only 40% of Americans (down 5% from 1985!!) believed that humans developed from earlier species of animals. We descend from a primate lineage that split off from our common ancestor with the chimpanzees roughly seven million years ago. (In France and Scandinavia 80% of people see evolution as true). According to Jerry A Coyne, evolution gets bumped down even further in the US when it comes to deciding whether it should be taught in the public schools. Two-thirds of Americans feel that if evolution is taught in the science classroom, creationism should be as well. In the US only 12 percent - one in eight people - think that evolution should be taught without mentioning a creationist alternative…

Seen from the bright side, 12% of the US population means 38 million people…

Jan Johnsson


Today it is Sunday, a day of rest.  Which we celebrate as a religious relic from the Book of Genesis, when the world had been created in six days…