Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My interpretation of the incomprehensible.

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My interpretation of the incomprehensible.

Lack of love activates us, which, ironically, by extension, may be an important reason why the Primal revolution, so far only marginally, has been able to change the prevailing psychotherapeutic paradigm. The cognitive treatment philosophy, focusing on quick fixes, apply repression and repressive drugs to eliminate the pain / symptoms of lack of love, and to activate us. This neurotic activity propelled by words, psycho pharmaceuticals and the brain's own internal production of painkillers is an important incentive of most of our human creativity, being the driving force and inspiration behind science, technology, art and many cultural expressions, etc..

The evolution has, by ingenious chemical and electrical communication within our triune brain, converted pain caused by lack of love, trauma, abuse and neglect to activate us so that we survive, and can contribute to the long term survival of the human species. The activity caused by lack of love often functions very well. Especially when the task we face and our ability are in harmony with each other. When tasks become overwhelming depression and anxiety easily arises becoming unbearable just as when we become restless and bored. Both when we get depressed / sick due to insufficiency or boredom, we often seek therapy help for our symptoms.

In many cases, we solve the above problems / symptoms with cognitive therapy. Even if this therapy is both insufficient, misdiagnosed and irresponsible, evolution has since immemorial time recognized the unlimited complexity and insufficiency of all human relationships and created means for activity propelled repression to mask unbearable pain.
The evolutionary activity creates for many people a state of positive euphoric “flow” that occurs when they during high-mindedness are engaged in creative activities. The flip side is that we over-tax our bodies through faster metabolism, more brain activity, faster heart rate and higher blood pressure and the hidden price we pay is a shortening of our potential life-span.

All shrinks are themselves, for better or worse, the products of the same evolutionary repression / activity pattern as their patients. What they cannot or don't want to change in themselves, they cannot help their patients with. Temporary, short-term improvements and, at best, a limited understanding of the roots of our illness symptoms are the material with which we, eventually, can stitch together a patchwork of our life with its ups and downs.

The safest therapy to revolutionize the future human conditions in harmony with evolution is to give all fetuses / babies all the unconditional love they need in their life before birth, during birth and during their earliest most sensitive years.

Jan Johnsson

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Revolutionary Function of the Primal Therapy.

The Revolutionary Function of the Primal Therapy.

Dr. Janov's Reflection about Reform and Revolution (The Difference between Reform and Revolution) inspires thoughts and comments. After 40 years of contact with the Primal Therapy, the mix / solution of own experiences gradually has precipitated crystals that I want to highlight and put in relief to your potential, Revolutionary 6-step recipe, which the current psychotherapy paradigm staunchly keeps at bay. I'm probably one of the patients who had the most advantages of the therapy that you introduced 47 years ago. Fortunate circumstances provided me with prerequisites both from mental, physiological, social and economic point of view, long-term, to adapt my life according to the structure of the 6 “It means...” to apply and be guided by your innovative theory of “Evolution in Reverse.”

During my extensive epileptic journey, the theory behind the Primal Therapy became a lifestyle that opened my eyes to the Evolutionary Stable Strategies that allow the human species to continue to survive, despite the fact that we as individuals only live during a (sometimes unnecessarily) limited time. Our emotional denial of death like our ambition of continued individual existence, probably, reflects the evolutionary stable strategies, which seek to prevent depression and anxiety.

To me, the revolutionary part of PT consists in revealing the cognitive “lies” in the evolution and accept / feel the pain propelled anxiety. It is not without concern that I see my own limitations but I'm now able, in any case, to avoid a false peace of mind with neurotic lies. The memories into how my epilepsy previously constantly reminded me of my birth trauma never gave me the opportunity, for a long time, to seal my leaky gates with repressions and a neurotic life pattern.

Your six “It means...” is a must. None of them can be eliminated. However, I would add an additional seventh "It means": "That the doctor and the patient must agree / be aware of that the right conditions for economic, social (family, close relationships, etc.) and regular monitoring exist.” The doctor who has a crucial responsibility, must have reasonable assurance that the conditions are met, so that the patient can meet the conditions to undergo PT and will not be left to drift  more vulnerable than he/she was when the treatment started, due to lack of resources.

The revolutionary PT model is extremely costly in comparison with the current treatment paradigm. Even now, the majority of traditional psychologists and psychiatrists turned the 50-minute treatments to prescription writing for 10-15 minutes. With your, justified, demands for “unlimited” duration for patients, costs rise dramatically to levels that only a wealthy few are able to pay for a limited time. In a time of exploding health care costs, the “market” is forced to prioritize the reform model. Your revolutionary PT model requires first a political revolution of a magnitude that, in any event, no American dare to consider.

PT was a potential revolution when it began 47 years ago. In PT's fight agains certain effects of evolution with its stable strategies for the human species' survival, PT best served as proof that evolution is functionally effective as a long term condition if we do not get our individual, unconditional need for love, touch and appreciation met.

To spread the word about the tremendous importance of parenting, childbirth and Life before Birth is now the most realistic and revolutionary task for PT. All based on the knowledge about the primal principles and “Evolution in Reverse”.

Jan Johnsson