Saturday, February 14, 2015

Neurotic Lies Embedded In The Lies Of Mass Destruction.

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Neurotic Lies Embedded In The Lies Of Mass Destruction.

A few decades ago, I was a neurotic fabricator of success stories. The reason was to patch up a weak sense of self, propelled by pain from a birth trauma; so I can both understand and verify Dr. Janov’s analysis of Brian Williams, NBC’s news anchor.

The humiliating flaying that US media (including Dr. Janov) exposes Brian Williams, following his painful prestige lies, may seem logic. However, it gives me an impression of a false credibility process in a country where the double standard, all too often, overflows all widths.

Inserting the Brian Williams’ affair into the original larger context, the Iraq war, it appears extremely painful for the United States. The Iraq war was a reckless fabrication of entangled neurotic / psychopathic lies. In this mess / terrorist revenge campaign, the US population had, obviously, a need for an “honest and heroic” reporting. The selected reporters (including Brian Williams), which the US forces stowed into their Chinook helicopters in March 2003, when they invaded Iraq were appointed reliable eyewitnesses.

The Bush administration based its war decisions of principles of lies and false reports that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destructions (WMDs) and posed a threat to the US and its allies. After the invasion, there were no evidence that verified allegations of WMDs. The pre-war intelligence faced heavy criticism within the US and Internationally.

No therapy of any kind can address the opaque human and economic disaster that the Iraq war meant for Iraq, the US and throughout the world between 2003 and 2011. Personally, I hope that Brian Williams reads Dr. Janov’s Reflection and that he is applying to become a patient at the Primal Center. A skilled newsreader that certainly is worthy to establish a straight relationship to the truth.

Jan Johnsson