Thursday, September 13, 2012

To My Curly Shrink

Janov's Reflections 
To my fellow bloggers: 

From now on I will only write when the mood strikes me. It is time to take myself off a rigid schedule and relax a bit. I think I have pretty much said it. Thanks for all your help and blogs; always interesting. I am not giving up, just slacking off a bit. Good luck to you all. Art Janov

My comment:

To My Curly Shrink

When I first read  your “statement of withdrawal”, I was hit by a stab of loss and felt sorry in a way I would never have been able to feel before your guidance, into PT, helped me experience that a brain without access to feelings is not having fitness for long-term survival. For decades, emotional experiences, if they slipped through my defense, often culminated in a seizure or in a hallucination.

So I went to bed feeling sorry. However, I woke up this morning with a deep satisfaction emerging out of my sorrow. It is a satisfaction of having been guided by your gentle and generous advice to demystify my epilepsy and life. When I in the mid 90ies went through hell and decided to take a trip through my epilepsy = birth trauma you were with me every day and every minute. Your charisma and the primal principals reached all the way to southern Sweden 7500 miles from L.A.

I remember when you 1985 in Bergen, Norway, said to us, something like “use my help now, because I’m getting old, and I may not be around for much longer.” Fortunately, you were wrong, and we got at least another 27 years. And what fantastic years those have been!

Thank you Art and keep going at the pace that suits you best! I will try to spread your life-giving principles, as well as I can!

Love Jan

Arthur Janov September 13, 2012 10:27 AM
Jan: We had some good times, and I will miss you all too, but alas, life marches on. art

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Primal Therapy and “Evolution in Reverse” in the world of genetics.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fathers matter more, cognitive therapists less.

Why Fathers Really Matter 

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My comment:

Fathers matter more, cognitive therapists less.

There are a couple of reasons why I enjoyed reading your excellent article. You are able to explain and illustrate the application of technical scientific terms like germ  lines, reprogrammed switches and epigenetics. In a clever and understandable way,  you argue that fathers also have to be held accountable, and their germ lines may be as susceptible to poisoning as the women’s. 

Since you often refer to psychiatric and psychological expertise, the deepest insight  you indirectly caused in my mind was the strengthening of my doubts about the myriad of therapies that cognitive psychologists conduct. They try through intellectual reasoning and with the help of painkillers to eliminate depression and anxiety, etc. in all its forms. They rarely succeed in curing their customers but deal with constantly recurring symptoms’ treatment. Through your quoted arguments from DNA and genetic research, clearly the root of the evil is not in the intellectual brain (which is the last part to develop) but has been laid much earlier and is programmed considerably deeper in the the brain and body. The cognitive route to treatment is a dead end, and the patients need dynamic therapies that take into account the process of evolution if they are to get closer to a cure.

I am looking forward to more news from the paradigm shift in the genetic world.

Jan Johnsson

Cognitive Therapy matters less. Primal Therapy matters more.

Through your article, I was made aware of that a traumatic womb life is not only the responsibility of the mother but due to recent biogenetic research the father matters also.

In an earlier comment, I doubted the treatments by cognitive therapists, because the treatments of symptoms lead to a dead end without a cure. So what’s the alternative? Having understood the evolutionary processes that our organisms provide us with, in order to survive, there exists a therapy, Primal Therapy, which under the adequate circumstances can “reverse the evolution” enough to relive pain, which causes (turns the switches on and off) depression, anxiety and many other sufferings. I can refer to a portrait of what this biopsychologic process in our organisms might guide us through.

Jan Johnsson

Friday, September 7, 2012

Improving the working conditions for our immune system.

Janov's Reflections:

On Saving Lives 

My comment:

The Primal Therapy could support modern immunology to improve the working conditions for our immune system.

A traumatic womb life is a sure way negatively to influence the quality in our lives. Therefore, it is interesting and important that the science of modern immunology can prove that an overtaxed immune system is giving way to the invasion / creation of cancer cells. If by reliving old pain / imprints we can strengthen our immune defense, we might in the future be able to develop a new cancer treatment paradigm.

In many individuals, it seems to take up to four - five decades for the  imprinted pain, working on different organs throughout the body (including the brain) to develop our most common illnesses such as cancer, ulcers, heart and angina, stroke and arthritis. For my own part, I experienced early how my pain / anxiety created an irresistible craving for painkillers like sugar, caffeine and nicotine. (Alcohol triggered my pain and was for that reason, fortunately, no problem for me.)  

My neurotic sugar addiction overtaxed my pancreas and caused, within short, hypoglycemia. Without that I was aware of it, a chain reaction / continuous vicious circle of pain, anxiety, irresistible sugar craving, hypoglycemia and epilepsy was established. Because the overload of pain searches and finds several outlets in the body, it also overtaxed my immune system, which meant that I was an easy victim to colds (including herpes and sinuses) and allergies and for decades, I lived without a sense of smell).

My physical tensions (closely related to my original imprint, cramps/pain) influenced and distorted my posture and hampered my coordination. The original pain created a disharmonious and uncoordinated way of walking, which became tense and jerky. My vital signs were during many years too high, although I was addicted to physical exercises and, at times, tried to keep a strict control with my diet. Later, my intake of strong antiepileptic medication worsened my immune defense and intoxicated my liver and my kidneys with added negative consequences for my well being.

Reading and writing about the severe effects that pain / imprints are having on our immune system and on our organs is bringing up my old dream / vision of a holistic treatment / therapy based on the principles of PT in cooperation with, for example, Rolfing, career counseling, physical exercises (like stretching and yoga) and detoxification, etc..  PT, as a stand-alone therapy, is valuable, but, without the support of a number of other therapies, it will not be able to put it all together. At best it may be a remedy for a lucky few. 

PT opened up for the connection of soul mates (Finding Soul Mates On Different Levels) between different levels of my brain (and in the extension in my external life). Based on the combination of PT and a number of treatments, in a curing ensemble, I have succeeded in getting rid of most of all my symptoms and today my immune system, pancreas, liver, kidneys and heart are being far less overtaxed. 

Jan Johnsson