Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Truth More Painful Than The Organism Can Integrate!

A truth more painful than the organism can integrate!

Everything suggests that the evolutionary approach with repressed pain is for  the survival of the species. Both in the short and longer term. Eternity takes care of itself. Sometimes repressed pain become the mainspring for innovation of both technical and organic nature. The Primal Principle made its random entrance when the destruction artist Raphael Ortiz, during a seance, provoked the gates of repressed pain in a young man to open. When followed up by a gifted seeker of the truth Arthur Janov, with own repressed pain, this led to the discovery of the Primal Principle / Evolution in Reverse.

When the discoverer of the primal principle, during the last decades has re-lived his own repressed pain and could see his act-outs disappear, then it is a deserved arrogance he displays and annoys his critics with. It is fascinating that a non contemptible measure of earlier act outs has given us the Primal Principle, the opportunity to re-live repressed pain and to live on without the act outs. A logical conclusion (if logic is included in the context), in a neurotic society, is that act outs when they occur selectively, may lead to a less neurotic society. A confirmation of this conclusion is Alice Miller's life. Her lifelong struggle, propelled by unbearable pain, got the whole world to understand the implications of the Black Education and its social connection with home / school / church. This has slowly (too slowly) led to a recognition by the legislation, in more enlightened countries against corporal punishment and physical and mental child abuse.

How hard her life was, I have not been able to understand until now. During the past week, I read the book of of her son (Martin Miller) “Das wahre Drama des begabten Kindes" with the subtitle: Die Tragödie Alice Millers.” Martin Miller describes in a revealing manner his own, confusing loveless childhood as the son of a deeply repressed Alice Miller. Her relationship / marriage, since the Warshaw time, with Martin's fascist father, distorts the picture of human interaction further. Martin tells the story of Alice's life in Poland as a young talented Jewess with a well-off family. Before the war, Alice got the opportunity to study a couple of years in Berlin and to learn German. This had importance for her circumstances, as Polish-speaking to survive WW2 under a false name, and Polish passports among Nazis and informers in Warshaw. She lived with Martin's father during the war under the constant threat of being betrayed and deported to a extermination camp.

After reading Martin Miller's book, I am happy to be able to understand the significance of the horror Alice Miller has had to live through in order to survive and later become powerful / motivated to perform her unique life's work. This understanding I attribute Arthur Janov who so comprehensibly explained that the truth needs defense when it is more than the organism can integrate.

Jan Johnsson


Martin Miller's book is not in English but available only in German. An English interview with Martin Miller can be found here below.

Ann Lynette Mayo Jan Åke Johnsson This is so Brilliant !! l envy your writing ability !

Sunday, January 10, 2016


  • What a Waste   (click to access Janov's Reflections)
  • What’s a Waste?

    Over the past few weeks, my childhood friend and I read aloud to each other from Alice Miller, Hermann Hesse and Georg Klein: We have analyzed and filtered our experiences through our interpretations of Arthur Janov, Ida Rolf and not least our own lifelong experiences of pain / success and sweet lies / clairvoyance. The decisive driving force in the choice of our activities has been: more than 60 years of mutual sympathy for each other (though sadly repressed for >50 years), my epilepsy and my / our understanding of Arthur Janovs "Primal Principle" that is, evolution’s systematic encapsulation / repression of all premature and unbearable pain, both physical and mental.

    This morning when we woke up there was Art's Reflection "What a Waste" in our mailbox. After reading it a few times, so we agreed with Art about: "What a Waste"! However, it was not many minutes before I was filled with swirling thoughts / feelings of >70 years, which admittedly sympathized with Art, but which did not agree with him.

    Dr. Janovs definition of "waste" felt too one-dimensional, transparent, and without wanting to see the world, evolution as it is. The evolutionary benefits / implications of Arts painful, loveless upbringing led, eventually, to The Primal Principal. This in turn has meant that I, and countless others, have been helped to break us out of our prisons of pain and demystify our symptoms, be safe and sound and to see our individual destinies with better lucidity. I have been able to better understand how evolution prioritize the human species' survival and to accept my mortality and mitigation as an individual.

    Without experiential insight in The Primal Principle / Evolution in Reverse, I had not as well been able to integrate Alice Miller’s exploration of the Black, poisionous, Pedagogy. Without their collective wisdom and enlightenment I had thus not been able to understand / believe (as many still do not do!) that  a criminal monster could emerge from an innocent little baby. Nor had I been able to understand how Imre Kertész, who (according to Georg Klein) also had a horrific childhood, developed a capability because of distorted emotions and repressions, as a teenager to endure death camps at Auschwitz and Buchenwald and eventually give us a ruthless unemotional picture of the holocaust in his Nobel prize-winning book “Fateless". 

    The flashback which Dr. Janov partly feels like a personal "waste" has for me and many others led to insights that have become comprehensible through our own painful experiences. When I am capable, I feel them, they become multi-dimensional insights and conscious awareness. At first thought might episodes / periods be perceived as "waste". Overall, and viewed from a holistic perspective, they feel like an improvment / creation.

    I end with a few verses from Inger Christensen's Requiem "The Butterfly Valley", which I highly recommend as one of the most beautiful creations of the fluctuations in the evolution / life.

    Concealed by the perfume of mountains brush,
    all blossoming is rooted in decay,
    in tangle, shadow, and decomposition,
    a labyrintine, wild insanity,

    just as the butterfly in flight conceals
    the insect body to which it is bound -
    we see it as a flower flying up
    not as the rank iconoclasm it is -

    Jan Johnsson

    Insights never erase the hurt. They only make sense of it. art