Monday, February 10, 2020

The Shifts Of Life

The Shifts Of Life…

December, January have, as far as I can recall, represented my shape and energy curve's low-water marks. I thought that with "wisdom", through therapy and good living in its positive sense, I could change this. Not so. It's as if I have an imprint, programmed for these two months of spiritual and physical cleansing to be able to function well during the remaining months.

Today on February the 10th I woke up and felt excellent. The image in the mirror surprised me, it was again in balance in a positive old-fashioned way. Calmness and harmony existed within me and this was reflected in my charisma. A feeling and a day to take advantage of. Playing piano, project meeting on the internet and physical exercise will color the day.

Two of the weekend's videos about trauma and exaggerated climate reports I should see again. They may have contributed to my sudden return to wellbeing. "Demian", a book by Herman Hesse (friend of Carl Jung), which I re-read gives me satisfactory evidence that my life's trauma management has contributed to today's wellbeing. Unfortunately, my own Demian, aka Art Janov, is no longer alive, but the memory of his radiance, thoughtfulness and wisdom is in my subconscious. So does his view of how we become shaped by what our trauma has programmed into us, unless we have been able to relive the original pain and turn evolution to our advantage.

The pen runs away with me. Training, video calls and piano exercises should also be taken care of.

Life is a cabaret, old chum!
Start celebrating
Right this way, your tasks are waiting…

Jan Johnsson

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